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Plan B Success

Greetings and Welcome to Plan B Success!

Rajeev Mudumba here. 

I’m the founder & host of Plan B Success, a podcast that provides you with thought-provoking and intriguing business and personal growth content and where I also interview inspiring change-makers who succeeded with a Plan B, to help YOU on your Entrepreneurial journey! Learn from these inspiring stories and actionable success habits of the brightest business minds, world-class athletes, and influencers.

If you are tired of where you are in life, career or business, have tried and failed, do not enjoy what you do now and want to spend time doing what you most love and also get paid, then, you are in the best place here. My goal with Plan B Success is to provide you inspiration, knowledge, and strategies to help you reach your goals, be it with your career, business or life. Learn what you Need to Take Control of Your Life, and Fulfill Your Vision of Success!

My journey has also been filled with troughs and peaks and my goal is to help you and others like you get what you want the most from life.

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Be the change-maker in your life and of your loved ones and go, Blaze your Trail!

Jun 28, 2020

To start your journey from the most impoverished slums of Africa to educate yourself and become an executive managing the country for a multi-national telecom company is no mean achievement! Jane Egerton-Idehen has just done that and much more. She is also the founder of WomenNCareers, a platform to support women...

Jun 25, 2020

Are you happy? 

A simple question, right?

What does happiness mean to you? Where do you derive it from? Do you know what you need to pursue to find it? Finding it is one thing, but how do you sustain it? 

Now, before you go seeking your answers, take a listen! It might just lead you down the right path!

And while you...

Jun 23, 2020

When in battle, commanders lead from the front.
When out playing, coaches lead from behind.

The goal of either is to navigate & create an environment where together, everyone is more nimble & agile to tackle their tasks. Leaders aspire to help individuals flourish in their roles. When the goal is to encourage...

Jun 21, 2020

It's often said that you know you have done a good job when you work yourself out of it! This means you can move on to bigger and better things.

Bruce TulganFounder of RainmakerThinking, Inc. is a bestselling author & adviser to business leaders. Over the last 3 decades, he has worked with many organizations...

Jun 18, 2020

We tend to stop thinking about something or someone if we do not see that thing or person for a period of time. Isn't that true?

At the same time, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” meaning when something is difficult or impossible to ignore, it is dealt with rapidly.

Well, in today's world you want to be neither!...